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Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you. You can feel confident that everyone who works in our stores has the product knowledge to advise you on the latest strings, grips, racquets and footwear for any Racquet Sport. Our personalized, expert service sets us apart from the rest!

DEMO PROGRAM ("Try Before You Buy")

Let's face it. Everyone likes to try out a new piece of equipment before they commit to buy. Our Demo Program offers you exactly that. We have all the current models of Tennis and Squash racquets available to try before you purchase. It is as easy as this:
  1. Stop by the store or call us to reserve your racquet of choice.
  2. The rental fee is only $5.00 per day. The best part? The rental fee (up to $50.00) is credited to the purchase price of ANY racquet!
  3. Pick up your demo racquet and try it out on the courts.
What a great way to play with different brands and styles to find the right fit for your game! The Tennis Demo program is available at Grand Central Racquet, NYC Racquet Sports and the NTC Pro Shop. The Squash Demo Program is available at Grand Central Racquet and NYC Racquet Sports.


We offer same-day stringing at all of our locations. We try to accommodate everyone's needs so that you can drop off your racquet in the morning and pick it up later that same day. Of course, the earlier in the day we receive your racquet the better. We offer string from all of the major vendors at competitive prices, and more importantly, the stringing is done by experienced stringers who can help you choose the best strings and string tension for your style of play.